Due to many reported frustrations with Google Earth, I’ve been able to convert the presentations into a video format for easy watching and distribution.


Induced Demand:



Google has been pushing to get more 3D models into the 3D Buildings layer, particularly representations of bridges.

Their implementation of the buildings can be problematic however, as the satellite imagery on the terrain below remains visible, including the image of the bridge. This is sometimes a problem for tall buildings, but it destroys the illusion of realism for bridges.

I created a bridge for Google Earth (St. Johns bridge in Portland, OR).  It is a part of the 3D Buildings layer, and if you visit the site in Google Earth, this is what you see:


Continue reading this post to see a tutorial on how to solve this.

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*Videos of this tour are now available, check out the post*

This Google Earth Tour was created as opposition media to the Columbia River Crossing highway widening project proposed for the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington region. It briefly explains what the current issues are, shows why the CRC proposal isn’t the right one for this region, and illustrates a few alternatives.

Something definitely needs to be done in the region, but we don’t need a throwback to 1950’s era highway building, there are alternatives.

The tour presents the phased alternatives from the SmarterBridge.org site, which I feel are better than the CRC, but I’m not necessarily convinced they are the best options.  Other ideas are floating around too: Alternate Concept .

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