Nick Falbo is a video game Artist turned Urban Planning grad student. This site is dedicated to the crossover between those fields.

Posts and information of my various projects will cover a wide range of topics and interests. As I learn more about my new carreer path, I’m sure the focus of the site will shift. For now, expect posts about all this and more:

  • Visualization,
  • Realtime 3D,
  • GIS, Analysis,
  • Mapping,
  • Urban Planning
  • & Design

2 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. 1 David Thompson

    I stumbled on your work because I am on a list of people concerned about the CRC. You are doing some amazing stuff and it is thrilling to me, at the end of my productive life, to see somebody doing something with such potential to improve our world which my generation has helped trash.

    Have you read Tracy Kidder’s Mountains upon Mountains about the work of Paul Farmer in rural Haiti? I don’t know how you chose Copan Ruinas but it occurs to me that the type of work you are doing there would be directly valuable to rural health work, which you will understand if you look at that book.

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