CRC Presentation Videos


Due to many reported frustrations with Google Earth, I’ve been able to convert the presentations into a video format for easy watching and distribution.


Induced Demand:



7 Responses to “CRC Presentation Videos”

  1. Very well done, Nick. Thank you for taking the time to make this information available easy to digest.

  2. 2 Todd Boulanger

    Nick – Good work making initially complex planning issues more accessible to a lay audience.

    I would suggest you consider adding an alternative to address the bridge congestion and safety issues on Hayden Island:
    – close and relocate Hayden Island ramps south to Marine Drive (this reportedly makes Marine Drive function worse…but I-5 has a higher function);
    – close Vancouver’s Sixth Street on and off ramp (except perhaps for transit)
    – move SR-14 on ramp to the old Sixth Street ramp location
    – add a narrow arterial bridge between Bridgeton and Hayden Island

    …these are not new ideas…but may have been discarded too early given the larger regional focus of the original project’s objective

  3. 3 opusthepoet

    Could you reload these as YouTube videos? I have a linux system which doesn’t even let me see the place to click on the embedded Vimeo videos

  4. 4 Fred Nussbaum

    Very nice presentations that capture the complex issues and make them easier to understand. Thanks for showing and discussing the alternative.
    One small problem is the sequence about extending MAX to Hayden Island. It looks like the extension is on the east side of the Portland Harbor bridge. That does not make sense. Light rail needs to stay on the west side of I-5. The sequence showing extension of light rail to Vancouver shows the correct west side location.

    Thanks for your good work.

  5. Hi! We at Stop The CRC love your videos, and have re-posted them to our Youtube page with credit. If that’s not alright let us know and we’ll take them down. Thanks for your work on this!

  1. 1 BTA will look elsewhere for Portland-Vancouver solutions | BTA Oregon
  2. 2 BTA will look elsewhere for Portland-Vancouver solutions | Bicycle Transportation Alliance

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